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Tim Schmidt is a car collector and enthusiast like no other. His collection spans eras and models, and is very colorful (like their owner). Over the years, Tim has held yearly one-day outdoor summer car shows (they were more like events) on his property in King City. With the help of many generous sponsors, vendors, volunteers and participants, over $516,000 was raised to support many registered charities with 5 one-day car shows.

Tim not only opened his property to the public, but also the doors to his garage. It wasn’t long before people were sending in photos of his rides! It really is an amazing collection and the basis of this site. Everything from classic to muscle cars, jeeps, trucks, bikes, (and other interesting transportation), coca-cola collectibles, Hot Wheels and much more.


You will find several galleries of his new Mancave/Museum, his Collection and his Garage. New cars are added to the fleet, cars get moved around and customizations happen on a regular basis, so you’ll enjoy many updates. There are also photos and galleries of many shows and events, Tim’s Cross Canada Roadtrip, and highlights from his car shows over the years.